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Choosing a diamond for your ring

Choosing a diamond for your ring

When you are looking to buy a ring, the setting itself is mainly based on what you or the person you are buying the ring for likes. The stone, however, has some practical aspects to consider.  Let’s take a closer look at what to look for in a diamond ring.

The things to consider in buying a beautiful diamond ring are known as the four Cs – carat, color, clarity and cut. Follow these and you are well on your way to a beautiful ring.

The carat of your diamond refers to its weight – simply put, the larger the diamond, the more valuable it becomes. While larger diamonds can be impressive, certain settings suit smaller carats better. Choose a carat that appeals most to you – a large diamond may be valuable, but the most important factor is how valuable it is to you.

The color of a diamond also relates to its value – the clearer the stone, the more valuable your diamond ring. This applies to the traditional clear diamond as well as the newer ones in pink and blue.  You want to be able to look through your stone.

The third factor is clarity . Though few diamonds are perfect, the ones with less clouds or flaws are more rare, and thus more expensive to purchase.

The final factor is the diamond’s cut. The best cut will display the diamond’s brilliance to the best effect.

Your jeweler will be able to help you select a diamond that fits all these characteristics, but remember that each diamond is beautiful in its own right. Your diamond ring is special so choose the one that makes you feel happy.

Hopefully the above will help you make an informed choice when you purchase your next ring.

Class Ring

Class rings are a great way of not only having a living memento to your high school or college years, but also as a way to tie you to your fellow classmates, to increase your sense of belonging to something greater. Class rings are latecomers in the history of rings, coming into existence around 1865, but they have become as much a part of senior year as the graduation ceremony itself.

At one time class rings were generally a single design made by the high school or college, and the only design change would be the graduation year. Today’s class rings are usually at least somewhat customized by each student and can appear vastly different from one student to the next.


The most popular color is gold, though that differs depending on the school and company providing the rings. Students have the option of ordering rings made of white gold, silver, or different alloys of other metals. The width of the actual ring and the style can vary quite a bit from one ring to the next.


The center stone is traditionally one of the school’s colors, but this is not necessary.  Some students pick a stone in their favorite color, birthstone or favorite gemstone.

The school’s name usually appears on the side, though the year of graduation is necessary on at least one side. This is, after all, the distinguishing mark that shows exactly where you belonged in the long history of whichever institution you attended. The school’s logo, motto, or insignia is also a common choice for design. Many students have their name, initials, or nickname engraved on the underside of the ring.


Years from now, you may not remember all the details of your school years, but having a class ring will bring back the feelings of youth and belonging.